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Do Kwon Freed After Posting $457,000 Bail in Montenegro Court!

• Montenegro court granted bail to Do Kwon at $457,000.
• Bail agreements aim to discourage Kwon from escaping during the ongoing criminal proceedings.
• Court imposed a measure forbidding Kwon from leaving his apartment as well as requiring regular responses to court summonses.

Do Kwon Secures Bail Release in Montenegro

Do Kwon, a Korean entrepreneur and alleged criminal, has secured a bail release from a Montenegrin court for an amount of $457,000. The court accepted this sum on the basis of its assessment of the gravity of the criminal offense charged against Kwon along with his financial circumstances and property status.

Bail Terms and Conditions

Kwon must not leave his apartment or he risks forfeiting the bail money that was deposited by him or someone else on his behalf. His compliance will be monitored by police appointed by the court, and any attempts to escape shall result in forfeiture of the bail amount. Additionally, he is required to regularly respond to court summonses and be available at the address provided by his defense attorney during these proceedings.

Prosecution’s Objection

The prosecution representative objected to this proposal claiming that the offered amount does not guarantee that Kwon will remain in Montenegro until the end of proceedings nor does he have any interest in staying here. However, despite these objections, the court accepted this amount due to its assessment of all factors mentioned before.

Substitute for Custody Measure

The measure imposed on Kwon forbidding him from leaving his apartment is considered a substitute for custody to some extent; hence, it aims at discouraging any attempts at escaping during these proceedings through threat of forfeiture of bail money if such attempts are made anyway.


In conclusion, Do Kwan has been granted bail by Montenegro’s court under certain conditions including payment of $457000 and monitoring measures intended at prevention of escape attempts during ongoing criminal proceedings against him.