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Bitcoin Price May Soar 80% If Crucial Resistance Breaks!

• Crypto analyst Jason Pizzino predicts a significant surge for Bitcoin if it surpasses the resistance zone between $28,000 to $32,000.
• If it succeeds in doing so, Bitcoin’s price could potentially increase by over 75%.
• Such an achievement would likely shift market sentiment from bearish to bullish and pave the way for a retest of its all-time highs.

Bitcoin Price Might Surge More Than 80%

Esteemed crypto analyst Jason Pizzino recently shared his optimistic forecast on Bitcoin’s future trajectory, predicting a potential price increase of more than 75% if it successfully surpasses a crucial resistance level between $28,000 to $32,000. According to Pizzino, such an achievement would trigger a momentous rally and mark the beginning of a new cycle high.

Importance Of Overcoming Resistance Level

At present, Bitcoin faces substantial resistance within this range and overcoming this key level is essential for unlocking its full upward potential. Once this threshold is surpassed, bears will lose their influence while bullish sentiment takes control among investors. This would also open up the possibility of testing the next target at $48,000 followed by a potential retest of its all-time highs.

Current Price and Market Outlook

As of writing this article, Bitcoin is trading at $26798 which highlights just how important it is for BTC to break through the above mentioned resistance zone in order to generate sustained momentum and further growth. Pizzino advocates for gradual and incremental price appreciation instead of sudden spikes or dips as these may be unsustainable in nature.

Caution Advised

Despite his positive outlook on Bitcoin’s future prospects, Pizzino advises caution as there are still many factors that can lead to volatile price movements in either direction. He emphasizes that investors should always do their own research before investing in any asset class and never put more capital at risk than they can afford to lose.


Jason Pizzino’s analysis offers optimism for Bitcoin’s future as well as valuable insight into the importance of overcoming certain resistance levels when it comes to unlocking its full potential. While caution is advised due to possible volatility in prices caused by external factors or events beyond one’s control, his forecast provides hope that BTC will continue its impressive rally towards new heights once it successfully breaks past this critical barrier.